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Serenity Blue is the color of the this season

Some people like to do it with small accents. This means that you buy  some little things in blue. Think of a decorative pillow or a vase or a small scale, just maybe a plaid. By these combinations together you get in a subtle way the color trend blue in your home. Other people dare some more. For example, a wall painting blue a blue carpet on the floor and fit still subtle accessories. Some people even dare to go a little further and they are buying  also blue furniture’s. No matter what level of the blue trend fits as long as you but different colors Blue combines with each other and with wood. Here you can also in exchange. If you'd like a lighter look in your House you choose mainly light colors Blue with light wood and white for example.
This combination is beautiful many people think about Greece or any other tropical place. Never wrong to be in your living room and you get a wonderful holiday feeling. The other side that people can take with the color trend blue is, to make it more cozy and choose  more the darker shades of blue. This in combination with brown or a dark wood you create a warm feeling which  is lovely  if you're on an autumn-like day comes home and you feel the warmth of your interior. If you think a blue Interior is something too intense or just find another trend quite like you can of course also combine very well. Choose the trend that you like and add to that than a few blue accents. For the furniture you can choose what you like because with the blue trend its fits all. So it’s not necessary  to replace all your furniture. For the furniture I chose to a round finish, with light wood. This will create a fun playful interior with a cute blue twist. For the accessories  I  have chosen  a picture with an old timer and also a very modern wall sticker so you get the contrasts old and new are very close together. The most important thing of this season is actually, if you want  to be hip you have to put some blue in your interior! Otherwise you don’t count! I have made this collage so, because blue is a nice color where you have a lot of possibilities and everyone has something with blue.
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